Reinventing the Corrosion Protection Aftermarket

Makes it So Easy
to Sell Corrosion Protection

AutoSaver’s patented OBD application makes it possible to protect vehicles from corrosion in seconds. No labor, training or expertise required. A simple plug and play application, the AutoSaver OBD starts protecting vehicles against corrosion as soon as it is plugged into a vehicle’s onboard diagnostic port. The AutoSaver OBD's effectiveness has been scientifically tested and validated repeatedly see Science and Compliance page.

Corrosion Protection
is Still a Must

Road salt: 20 million tons (40 billion pounds) of salt is scattered on U.S. roads annually and 7 million tons (14 billion pounds) on Canadian roads.

Extreme weather: Climate change is increasing the frequency of extreme weather events.

Deteriorating roads: Due to aging infrastructure, heavier traffic loads and more frequent extreme weather events.

Over time, these factors take their toll on vehicles. Chips and scratches due to salt or stone or road hazards will expose the metal and inevitably lead to corrosion.

Corrosion protection remains a big business because vehicles still rust.

How the
AutoSaver Works

Originally developed as a clean alternative to traditional spray coating, the AutoSaver OBD works to inhibit corrosion by supplying a regulated current 24/7 to a vehicle’s metal surfaces via the vehicle’s onboard diagnostic port.
A Thirty-Year
History of market
When AutoSaver started selling its original electronic corrosion protection system, dealerships only offered spray coating corrosion protection to their customers. Today, most dealerships only offer electronic rust protection because it is faster, cleaner, safer, more eco-friendly and profitable. The few dealerships that still carry spray inhibitors promote them as sound dampeners not corrosion inhibitors.

When F&I departments switched from selling spray rust inhibitors to the AutoSaver, they saw an increase in both sales penetration and customer satisfaction.

With the introduction of the AutoSaver OBD, dealerships witnessed a significant increase in sales penetrations, up to 70% in some cases, while at the same time speeding up deliveries, and increasing product gross margins by an average of 22% for the F&I department.

Why you should
sell the AutoSaver

Corrosion protection remains a necessary and popular aftermarket service.

AutoSaver has been selling electronic corrosion protection for 30+ years and their products have been scientifically tested and validated by governmental agencies.

Spot Delivery
The AutoSaver OBD’s plug and play feature means you can sell corrosion protection with a warranty on spot deliveries.

F&I or Service? Why Not Both?
Because of the ease of installation, the AutoSaver OBD can be sold by the F&I without reliance on the Service department. Then again, why not sell the AutoSaver OBD through the Service department as well.

Complementary or Added Value
Because of its ease of installation, the Auto Saver OBD can be offered not just as part of a paint and fab protection package but also as part of an extended warranty/service contract or tire and rim warranty.

No Down Time
Plug the AutoSaver OBD into the vehicle’s onboard diagnostic port to start protecting your customer's vehicle

Not convinced yet?
Consider the following:

No Investment Required

The AutoSaver OBD allows you to easily access the rust protection business and substantially increase your operational profits without any investment or additional overhead whatsoever.

No Labor, No Training

The AutoSaver OBD installs in seconds. No training, no techs required.

Marketing and Sales Resourcse

Marketing resources and sales training are available to help you tap your customer base and increase your per capita revenue significantly.

High gross margins

Earn profit on the sale of the AutoSaver OBD as well as the corrosion warranty.


While we are certain that any dealership who commits to selling the AutoSaver OBD will generate considerable profits, AutoSaver will take back any unsold OBDs if your expectations are not fully satisfied.
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