Green By Design
Clean and lasting corrosion protection for your vehicle.
Corrosion Protection Reinvented
Slows down the natural corrosion of your vehicle.


Protects the Structural
Integrity of Your Vehicle

Government mandated lab testing shows that the AutoSaver is effective at inhibiting corrosion on vehicles.


Extends Vehicle Exterior Cosmetic
Life / Higher Trade-in Value

Helps maintain both the appearance of your vehicle and your investment over time.

Corrosion Warranty

Ask your authorized AutoSaver dealer for details.

Corrosion Protection
that Never Quits

Once installed, the AutoSaver protects your vehicle against corrosion 24/7.


Eliminates the need for environmentally harmful coatings. No toxic odors or oily residues!

Backed by repeated scientific studies
Repeated scientific studies have demonstrated that AutoSaver inhibits corrosion on motor vehicles by
slowing down the natural corrosion process. By applying a small, regulated electrical current to the
metal surfaces of your vehicle, the AutoSaver works 24/7 to protect your investment.

AutoSaver was specifically developed to eliminate the use of harmful chemical sprays to protect vehicles against corrosion.

And unlike chemical coatings, AutoSaver
protects a vehicle’s metal panels and not just the undercarriage.


AutoSaver comes with a
extended corrosion warranty.

Trusted Since 1989

The makers of AutoSaver are pioneers in the
manufacture and sale of electronic corrosion
protection systems, with millions of satisfied
customers worldwide.


The only technology of its kind to be patented for
application using a vehicle's onboard diagnostic port
to deliver corrosion protection, the AutoSaver OBD
has been repeatedly tested and proven effective.